How to Sneak a Vape Pen Through Metal Detector

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Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, but many people still don’t know how to sneak a vape pen through a metal detector. Here are a few tips to help you get your vape pen through security without any problems: First, make sure that your vape pen is fully charged before you head to the airport.

This will help ensure that it doesn’t set off the metal detector. Next, take off any accessories that are made of metal, such as the tank or drip tip. These can easily be detected by security and will likely cause them to confiscate your vape pen.

Finally, keep your vape pen close to your body as you go through security. The closer it is to you, the less likely it is to be picked up by the metal detector.

  • First, remove the vape pen from your pocket or bag
  • Next, unscrew the atomizer from the battery
  • Once the atomizer is removed, take out the cartridge or tank
  • Now that the cartridge is removed, unscrew the mouthpiece
  • Finally, put everything back together and screw on the mouthpiece tightly

How walk-through metal detector works?

Can Metal Detectors Detect Disposable Vapes

As the name suggests, metal detectors can detect metals. This includes disposable vapes, which contain small amounts of metal in the heating element and battery. However, the amount of metal in a disposable vape is so small that it is unlikely to trigger a metal detector.

How to Sneak a Vape Pen Through Metal Detector


Can I Sneak My Vape Pen Through a Metal Detector

Assuming you’re referring to an e-cigarette, the answer is generally no. Most metal detectors are able to pick up on the metals used in the heating element and battery of an e-cigarette. Even if your e-cigarette is all plastic, the sensors in metal detectors can often pick up on the electronic components as well.

There are a few ways to get around this, but they’re not foolproof. One is to empty out the cartridge or tank so that there’s no liquid left. This will make the device less detectable by weight.

Another is to remove the battery; this will make it more difficult for the sensor to pick up on any electronic signals. Finally, you could try wrapping your device in aluminum foil; this might help shield it from detection. Of course, none of these methods are guaranteed to work, and they’ll likely set off other types of security devices like X-ray machines.

How Can I Avoid Getting Caught With My Vape Pen at a Metal Detector

There are a few things you can do to avoid getting caught with your vape pen at a metal detector. First, make sure that your vape pen is turned off before you go through the metal detector. Second, keep your vape pen in your pocket or bag until you have passed through the metal detector.

Finally, if you are asked to remove your shoes at the security checkpoint, take off your shoes and socks so that the security officer can see that you don’t have anything hidden in them.

What are the Consequences of Sneaking a Vape Pen Through a Metal Detector

There are a few consequences of sneaking a vape pen through a metal detector. First, you may be caught and disciplined by security. Second, your vape pen may be confiscated.

Third, you may be delaying the line for other passengers. Finally, if you are caught repeatedly trying to sneak your vape pen through a metal detector, you may be banned from flying altogether. So, while sneaking your vape pen through a metal detector may seem like no big deal, there can be some serious consequences if you’re caught.

Be sure to play it safe and follow the rules when travelling with your vape pen.


Most people who vape use what’s called an “e-juice,” which is a liquid that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavorings. These liquids are usually stored in small plastic or glass bottles, which can easily be concealed on your person. However, if you’re trying to sneak a vape pen through a metal detector, you’ll need to take some extra precautions.

The first step is to empty the e-juice from the bottle and replace it with water. This will reduce the overall weight of the bottle and make it less likely to set off the metal detector. You should also remove any batteries from the vape pen itself; if they’re left in, they could cause the metal detector to sound.

Once you’ve taken these steps, simply place the bottle and vape pen inside your pocket or bag before going through security. If you’re stopped and asked to empty your pockets, simply explain that you have a medical condition that requires you to use a vaporizer. With any luck, this will be enough to get you through security without any issues.

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