How to Get Ac on Roof Without Crane

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If your air conditioner is on the roof and you don’t have a crane, there are still ways to get it down. First, try to see if you can find someone who has a boom lift or cherry picker. If not, look for a scaffold rental company.

They will be able to provide you with the equipment necessary to safely get your air conditioner down from the roof.

  • In order to get AC on roof without crane, you will need to rent or purchase a scissor lift
  • Once you have the scissor lift, position it beneath the AC unit that you need to install on the roof
  • Use the lift to slowly and carefully raise the AC unit onto the roof
  • Once the AC unit is in place on the roof, secure it using appropriate fasteners

Fix split AC no need crane or lifter very easy

Air Conditioner Lifting Device

If you have ever had to move a heavy air conditioner unit, you know how difficult it can be. Air conditioner units can weigh over 100 pounds, making them nearly impossible for one person to lift and move. Fortunately, there are now lifting devices available that make it possible for one person to safely lift and move an air conditioner unit by themselves.

The most popular type of air conditioner lifting device is called the AC Lift. The AC Lift is a strong steel frame that attaches to the base of the air conditioner unit. The AC Lift has two handles that allow the user to safely lift and move the air conditioner unit without having to worry about dropping it or injuring themselves.

Another type of air conditioner lifting device is called the Air Conditioner Dolly. The Air Conditioner Dolly is a wheeled platform that attaches to the bottom of the air conditioner unit.

How to Get Ac on Roof Without Crane


Can You Mount Ac Unit on Roof?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to mount your AC unit on the roof. The first is the weight of the unit. Most units weigh around 150 pounds, so you need to make sure your roof can support that much weight.

Another consideration is the height of your unit. If it’s too tall, it could block airflow and cause problems with your system. Finally, you need to think about access.

If you have a second story home, it may be difficult to get to the roof to service your AC unit. If you’re unsure about whether or not mounting your AC unit on the roof is right for you, talk to a professional HVAC contractor.

How Do You Lift an Outside Ac Unit?

In order to lift an outside AC unit, you will need to have a few tools on hand. First, you will need a dolly or some other type of moving device. Next, you will need something to support the unit while you are lifting it.

This could be a couple of 2x4s or some other type of lumber. Finally, you will need a way to secure the unit once it is in place. This could be rope or straps.

Once you have gathered all of your materials, you are ready to begin. Place the dolly under the AC unit and then tilt it back so that the front of the unit is raised off the ground. Next, slide the 2x4s or other lumber underneath the unit so that they are supporting it from underneath.

Be sure that the lumber is evenly distributed so that the weight is balanced. Now it is time to start lifting! Slowly and carefully raise the front of the AC unit until it is about waist high.

At this point, someone else will need to help support the unit while you move it into place. Once in position, use your rope or straps to secure it in place so that it doesn’t fall over and damage itself or anyone nearby!

Why are Air Conditioners Mounted on Roofs in Arizona?

If you live in Arizona, chances are your air conditioner is mounted on your roof. There are a few reasons for this that have to do with the climate and terrain of the state. For one, the heat in Arizona is no joke.

The average high temperature in July is 107 degrees Fahrenheit and even the lows hover around 90 degrees. So, having an air conditioner that’s close to the ground would mean that it would have to work overtime to keep your home cool. Mounting it on the roof gets it closer to the cooler air and helps it work more efficiently.

Another reason has to do with wind. In Arizona, there are often strong winds that can knock down trees and power lines. If your air conditioner was mounted on an exterior wall, it could be damaged by flying debris during a storm.

But up on the roof, it’s out of harm’s way. Finally, many homes in Arizona are built on stilts or have second stories. This means that there’s often not enough space on the ground level for an air conditioning unit.

Putting it on the roof ensures that everyone in the house can stay cool and comfortable during even the hottest days of summer.

Why Do People Put Ac on Roof?

The most common reason people put air conditioners on their roofs is because it provides a more efficient way to cool their homes. By having the air conditioner on the roof, the unit does not have to work as hard to cool the home, which saves energy and money. In addition, by putting the air conditioner on the roof, it keeps the unit out of the way and prevents it from taking up valuable space inside the home.


If your air conditioner needs to be replaced and you don’t have a crane, don’t worry! There are ways to get your new AC unit onto your roof without one. First, try renting a boom lift.

This will allow you to safely and securely place your AC unit on the roof. If a boom lift is not available, you can also use a ladder and some strong ropes to hoist the unit onto the roof. Be sure to have someone help you with this so that the process is safe and easy.

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