Who Went on the Block on Big Brother Tonight

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The houseguests on Big Brother tonight were asked to put two people up for eviction. After a long discussion, they decided that Nicole and Cliff would be the ones going on the block. This was a tough decision for them to make because they all know that whoever is evicted will not be coming back into the house.

Now that Nicole and Cliff are on the block, it will be up to America to decide who goes home. America will vote for which one of them they want to see stay in the house. The houseguest with the most votes will stay in the game and the other will be sent packing.

So, who do you think should stay in the house? Who do you think America will vote to keep?

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Who Went on the Block on Big Brother Tonight? The answer, my friends, is no one. That’s right, in a stunning turn of events, the Head of Household for this week (which happened to be yours truly) decided not to put anyone up for eviction.

Why do you ask? Well, quite frankly I didn’t see the need. Everyone seems to be getting along swimmingly and there’s no point in stirring up trouble when there doesn’t need to be any.

So that means that everyone is safe this week and we can all just enjoy our time in the house without having to worry about who’s going home. It’s a nice break from the usual gameplay and I think it will do us all some good. Until next time, take care!

Who was Nominated on Big Brother Tonight

Who was nominated on Big Brother tonight? Well, the houseguests had to choose two nominees and they were: 1) Kaitlyn – she was nominated because she’s been a big target lately and the other houseguests want her out.

2) Rachel – she was nominated because she’s been playing a very good game and is seen as a threat. Now, it will be up to America to vote for who they want to save. The voting will open tomorrow morning at 8 am EST and will close tomorrow night at 9 pm EST.

So make sure you get your votes in!

Who Went on the Block on Big Brother Tonight

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Who Won Hoh on Big Brother Tonight 2022?

Who won how on Big Brother tonight? The answer may surprise you, but it was actually a relatively close vote! In the end, it was Nicole Franzel who narrowly edged out Tyler Crispen to win the title of Head of Household.

This is Nicole’s third time winning HOH during her time on Big Brother, so she definitely knows how to play the game. She’ll now have to decide who to nominate for eviction and potentially put up against the block. It’s sure to be an exciting week in the house!

Who Left Bb 24?

It was a close vote, but in the end, Paul Abrahamian was the one who got the final rose from Big Brother 24 host Julie Chen. He beat out runner-up Christmas Abbott by a vote of 5 to 4. The other houseguests who made it to the final five were Josh Martinez, Kevin Schlehuber, and Raven Walton.

Who Won Big Brother Tonight?

It’s finally over! After weeks of anticipation, the winner of Big Brother was revealed tonight. And the winner is.

.drumroll, please… Congratulations to [insert name here] for winning this season of Big Brother! This [person/man/woman] fought hard and played a great game.

strategy and social skills to come out on top. In the end, it was clear that [this person] deserved to win. So, there you have it!

Another season of Big Brother is in the books. Be sure to tune in next year for more drama, intrigue, and backstabbing fun!

Who Won Big Brother Last Night 2021?

The Big Brother finale for season 21 aired last night and the winner was… Drumroll, please… Jackson Michie!

That’s right, Jackson won by a unanimous vote, making him the first male houseguest to win since 2013. He also took home the $500,000 grand prize. So how did he do it?

Well, it certainly wasn’t easy. Jackson had to battle his way through some tough competition, including fellow finalist Holly Allen. But in the end, he managed to secure enough votes from the jury to take home the win.

So congratulations, Jackson! You are officially the winner of Big Brother 21!


On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, two houseguests were nominated for eviction. One was a pawn, and the other was the target. The target was put up by the Head of Household as a way to backdoor another player who they saw as a threat.

This caused tension in the house, as many people were not sure if they could trust the Head of Household. The vote will take place next week, and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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