How Long Can a Baby Bunny Go Without Food

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How long can a baby bunny go without food? This is a question that many new rabbit owners ask. The answer is not as simple as you might think.

There are several factors that need to be considered before we can give an accurate answer. Let’s take a look at what those factors are.

How to raise a baby bunny without a momma rabbit, Part 1

As a new pet owner, you may be wondering how long your baby bunny can go without food. The answer depends on several factors, including the age of your bunny and its overall health. A healthy baby bunny under 6 months old can usually fast for 12-24 hours without any problems.

However, if your bunny is sick or injured, it may not be able to hold out as long. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and seek veterinary care immediately. Older bunnies can also go without food for a short period of time, but they are more susceptible to developing gastrointestinal stasis (a condition where the digestive system slows down or stops working altogether).

This can be life-threatening, so if your older bunny hasn’t eaten in 12 hours or longer, take them to the vet right away. In general, it’s best to avoid letting your bunny go too long without food. If you know you’ll be gone for more than 12 hours, make arrangements for someone to check on your furry friend and give them fresh hay and water at least once during that time.

And of course, always have plenty of hay available for them to nibble on when they’re feeling hungry!

How to Care for Newborn Rabbits Without a Mother

If you find yourself in the position of having to care for newborn rabbits without a mother, never fear! These tips will help you ensure that your new charges are healthy and happy. The first step is to make sure that the nest is clean and dry.

The mother rabbit will have cleaned it before she left, but it can’t hurt to give it a once-over just to be sure. Once you’re satisfied that the nest is in good condition, gently transfer the kittens into it. Next, you’ll need to provide them with food and water.

For food, you can either purchase a special rabbit milk replacer or make your own by mixing evaporated milk, yogurt, and a little honey. Feeding should be done every two hours or so; use a small syringe or eyedropper to give them just enough so they’re not overfull. As for water, offer them a shallow bowl filled with fresh water at all times.

You may also want to soak some hay in water and offer that as well; this will help them stay hydrated and provides important nutrients. Finally, keep an eye on the kittens’ health and behavior. If they seem lethargic or unwell in any way, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Otherwise, enjoy watching them grow and thrive!

How Long Can a Baby Bunny Go Without Food


How Long Can Baby Bunnies Live Without Their Mom?

A baby bunny’s life without its mom can be a difficult one. Without the care and protection of their mother, baby bunnies are more susceptible to predators and the elements. They also have a harder time finding food and water.

However, if they are able to find these things, baby bunnies can survive on their own for several weeks.

How Often Does a Baby Bunny Need to Eat?

Assuming you are referring to a pet bunny: A baby bunny needs to eat about every 2-3 hours. They should have constant access to hay, and a few pellets each day.

Water should also be available at all times.

Can Baby Bunnies Survive Without Milk?

Assuming you are referring to newborn rabbits, the answer is no. Newborn rabbits are altricial, meaning they are born blind, deaf, and completely hairless. They are also unable to regulate their own body temperature.

For these reasons, they must be cared for by their mother until they are fully grown and able to fend for themselves. If a newborn rabbit is orphaned, its chances of survival are very slim. That said, it is possible for a young rabbit to survive without milk if it is old enough to eat solid food and drink water on its own.

If you have an orphaned young rabbit that you are caring for, you should provide it with a diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and water. You can also give it small amounts of high-quality bunny food as a treat.

What Do You Feed a Baby Rabbit Without a Mother?

When it comes to feeding a baby rabbit without a mother, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you will need to provide them with fresh water at all times. Secondly, they will need a diet that consists mostly of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small number of pellets.

You should also avoid giving them any processed foods or sugary treats.


A baby bunny can go without food for up to 12 hours. However, if the bunny is younger than 6 weeks old, it should not go more than 4 hours without food.

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